Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are you living raw and fully alive?

Here we are in the open. We are exposed and raw. We feel every drop of pain as fire and every criticism like needles piercing our skin again and again.

In this raw and open space we can also feel love so deeply we ache, compassion so deeply we cry and peace so deeply we float.

To be open and raw is a double edged sword  cutting through the numbness that we may have lived before. It is beautiful and terrifying all at once.

Without this awareness our senses are dull and our emotions are numb. We don’t feel highest of highs or lowest of lows. We refuse to allow pain in which is the same door real love must walk through as well. If we block or suppress one, we suppress them all. We don’t really get to choose.

We may think we have a grip on which emotions get through and which ones don’t but that is a perception that the untrained eye sees or should I say the untrained emotional antenna feels.

Once we release the idea that we can have love and not anger, peace and not hate, desire but not jealousy, we open the door to realize we have all of these emotions in varying degrees.

When we deny them they grow in the shadows only to come out side ways, or turn inwards and become the prison bars of addiction, depression, self mutilation, and suicide.

We must follow the path to open up the doors of our inner world and understand the emotions that light us up in both good ways and bad ways.

Understanding why you are angry, why you are sad, and why you are frustrated at deeper levels and where this pattern has shown up before, is key to evening out the pressure that is secretly building within.

Some people wonder why an “everyday nice guy” who always seems so” quiet and happy” one day can then turn and shoot several of his class mates or co-workers. This happens from bottling up the emotions, suppressing them, trying to be the good boy or girl and never let yourself seem upset or sad.

You can only play that game for so long without feeling its heavy effects or without rushing to cover up the effects with substances, constant distractions and/or busy activities.

We need a safe outlet, a place we can share from the deepest parts of our being.

This place can be held by a true friend, a trusted circle of women or men or both, or a person who has experience creating the safe and sacred space one on one.
Within this environment we can let go, we can be raw, we can lay in our shame,  feel the depths of our pain, embrace the fullness of our joys, and tears of all flavors fall freely… we are welcomed, honored, respected and cherished.

Within this environment we will also be challenged to look at the parts that we cannot see, the depths we refuse to plunge into, and where we are incongruent and lack integrity. We will be held accountable for our words and actions lovingly and firmly. And we will be celebrated for our bravery, our honesty and our willingness to change.

I invite you to search within yourself for the courage to reach out to experience this type of connection. I invite you to make yourself a priority, because all else in your life comes from your ability to be fully yourself. Where you cannot be fully yourself you live small and truncated.

Avenues of abundance, joy, love, peace, adventure and meaning or purpose can feel blocked until we are ready and willing to step, in little ways, out of our comfort zones.

Being fully alive, in every moment, rather it's pleasant, challenging, meaningful or exhausting, is life honoring. Being fully alive is the highest respect that we can give to ourselves and this thing we call life.

May you find a trusted friend, an experienced person or an amazing group to connect to on your personal journey to self discovery, healing, and freedom.